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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Online Shopping Increases for Minorities

According to a recent study by The Media Audit, online shopping by minorities including: African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and others, has significantly increased over the past five years. This is significant for marketers because of the sheer number of consumers this accounts for. The study surveyed 88 markets of which there are 145 million adults and 58 million of them are part of a minority group.

The study found that overall 55.8% of minorities shop online, an over 10% increase from five years ago. Of that number 35.7% made five or more purchases in a year, and 19.8% made 12 or more purchases in a year showing an increase in frequency of purchases in addition to the increase in overall percentage of minority online shoppers.

Of the 17.6 million African-Americans surveyed 40.6% shop online, up from 27% five years ago. Of the 9.8 million Asians surveyed, over 70% shop online, an increase of nearly 45% from five years ago. Hispanics, which are the largest minority population of the survey included 23 million people, 41.8% shop online up from 27.7% five years ago.

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