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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Exporting: Where to Start

The export process may seem very overwhelming and complicated to a first-timer. So, below are some first steps to take to ensure you are successful in your exporting.

  1. Learn how foreign markets operate and how your company will be able to adapt to the different environment. Research into the foreign target market is key. You need to be sure the market will be beneficial to your company because exporting is a large resource-consuming activity, taking lots of time and money.
  2. Develop and Commit to a business strategy. Every new business venture requires commitment especially in exports. Be sure to develop a comprehensive strategy and include all staff to the commitment.
  3. Meet with an accountant early. Because the export process requires financial resources it is important to talk with an accountant to determine your company's ability to finance expansion and help to build a budget strategy for the early stages.
  4. Get assistance and attend workshops. Their are many government agencies designed to aid business through this complicated process. When starting out it is a good idea to find an primary export adviser to work with and who can help direct you to other important sources you may need. Workshops are also a great way to attain the basic skills for exporting. It is also important to involve all the staff in these functions as it is a company-wide venture and everyone should be involved.
  5. Check out what other businesses are doing. Research your competition and see how they are handling the export process. Find out in what markets they are successful and where they are not. It is a good way to see what strategies have been effective for others and learn from them.

Below is a link to U.S. Government Export Portal where you can find many great resources to help expand your business internationally:

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