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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Effective Export Marketing

Marketing is a crucial aspect of the export process because it is essentially the potential client's first impression of your business. By presenting your product and company well you can gain a significant competitive advantage in your target market.

We all know first impressions are the most important since they often become the basis for how we view someone or something. Here are some critical factors to ensure a great first impression:
  • Have confidence (If you don't, why should a consumer?)
  • Be responsive and deliver quick and efficient replies to potential clients
  • Be polite and professional
  • Educate yourself on the culture of the target market and be sensitive to cultural factors
Below are some suggestions on how to effectively begin marketing abroad:
  1. Emails can be critical; They should use direct language that also stands out to a reader. Photos and other graphics can be a helpful attention-grabber when introducing a product. Emails should also include some quick response formats that entice the readers to immediately and easily seek additional information.
  2. Practice meetings; When working in a new and unfamiliar culture it may be a good idea to seek a meeting advisor who is familiar with the local business ettiquette. In a meeting, your company's objectives should be stated up front. Never underestimate the importance of listening and being sensitive to the prospective customer. Dress well and when in doubt wear a suit.
  3. Develop a good website; This often is the only visual a person has of your company. It should be well-developed while not being over-loaded with information. It should be neatly laid-out and easily navigable, and include some interesting graphics. Listed below are just a few of the benefits a good website:
      • Contact potential overseas customers from home
      • Convey your business as professional and modern
      • Avoid time difference problems with 24-hour availability
      • Introduce and promote new products
      • Sell products directly to customers
  4. Business cards; These are absolutely essential for overseas business. They are an almost universal practice (especially in Asia where they are critical documents). A business card should contain all pertinent contact information including your business logo and international telephone contact details.
  5. Brochures; Beneficial for high-volume promotion of your products and company

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