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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Harmonized Tariff System (HTS)

The Harmonized Tariff System is a series of 6-digit codes assigned and used classify exports/imports for customs purposes. Most countries recognize the 6-digit codes and some add extra digits to the end for more precise classification such as the United States that uses a 10-digit number known as the "Schedule B number".

There are three main reasons an exporter should be aware of their product's Schedule B and HS number:
  1. To find if and what the import tariff rate is for the product, and also determine whether or not the product falls under a preferential tariff under a Free Trade Agreement.
  2. The Schedule B number is required for the Shipper's Export Declaration, Certificates of Origin, and other various shipping documents.
  3. The HS number is also sometimes required on shipping documents such as the Certificate of Origin.
To determine your prodcut's Schedule B number visit the FTD's Schedule B Search Engine.

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