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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The future of China and digital TV

China is currently, and has been for many years, one of the fastest growing digital TV markets in the world. China's rates of digital TV viewership is accelerating rapidly especially in preparation for the upcoming summer 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This past November BigBand Networks announced the addition of five more Chinese cable operators to their list of customers now deploying its Broadband Multimedia-Service Router (BMR) to deliver digital TV service throughout the country.

The new Chinese customers of BMR are using it to improve bandwidth efficiency and increase the picture quality of their digital television services. BigBand is one of the most widely-used video networking platforms in the world. It is easily upgraded and reconfigured as needed which is a huge plus for the Chinese service providers who can do so as China continues to grow to provide their customers with increasingly advanced technology such as switched digital video and video-on-demand abilities. And the Chinese cable operators are pleased with the quality and relaibility of BMR and look forward to being able to advance the technology as it becomes avaliable to to generate increased returns on capital investment.

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