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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Infomercial Sales Thrive While Economy Struggles

A downturn in the economy has actually been good news for the infomercial industry. Lower rates on airtime have allowed many companies to be able to buy more spots on television, and increase their media spend to bring in more sales. Customers are now looking to buy a quick fix solution instead of brand name products, or replacing entire elements of their home. Repair kits sales are on the rise. People are looking to buy small luxury items for themselves, however, such as a mascara product. The Spinlash mascara product has sold extremely well in US retail, despite people's inability to splurge on themselves. Mascara may be seen as a small upgrade that people are willing to buy and invest a little bit in themselves, without going overboard.

With the addition of the new Pitchmen show on the Discovery Channel, many people are now able to see more of what is behind the industry, and the popularity of these kinds of products is also growing with the exposure of the men who pitch them. The buzz around As Seen on TV products (and if they work) has grown quite a bit in the past year alone.

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