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Thursday, August 28, 2008

NBC Reaches Across The Pond

A new division of NBC established last year, NBC Universal is dedicated to the international expansion of television production of the company. NBC has set a goal to double it's revenue generated from international ventures by the year 2010, to account for 30%of the entire company's business.

In the quest for international expansion, NBC Universal has been considering acquisitions and partnerships in India, France, Spain and Russia. Already, they have announced their first acquisition of the British independent production firm Carnival Film and Television, a deal rumored to be worth in excess of $55 million. Through this acquisition NBC Universal aspires to develop new television and film concepts for international markets and establish it's base for further international growth.

As international expansion is one of NBC Universal's strategic priorities, they will continue to search for new opportunities to produce programming and license rights and to develop new ideas for programming created for specific local audiences around the globe. The new programming may also be making it's way back to the US NBC schedule as well.

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