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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Export Working Capital, A Barrier to Trade for African Women

African female exporters express that their largest barrier to trade is a lack of export working capital. Because most buyers are reluctant to pre-pay for a product for fear they will not receive it, these entrepreneurs simply do not have the funds necessary to develop and create their goods upfront to meet a demand. Another problem for them is a deficit in the information and education available to them that is necessary to successfully develop products to sell in the US market.

To address these issues the World Women Trade Fair has a mission to provide women entrepreneurs of third world countries with the tools they need to build their businesses and gain access to global markets. For those who lack the capital to develop their business they must rely on strong supplier-buyer relationships where they are able to work together to agree on favorable payment terms and even help them with product development. Last week the World Women Trade Fair hosted the International Gift & Home Textile Expo in Los Angeles where female exporters from around the world including Africa came with the goal to establish new business relationships and increasing their exports to the US.

Click here for more information on the World Women Trade Fair.

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