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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Convert Inches to Cubic Meters

When shipping internationally situations may arise where you will need to convert the size of a shipment of units that are measured in inches to cubic meters. It's really quite easy to do so, just following the few simple steps of this equation:

The conversion ratio to convert inches to centimeters is: (2.54 cm/1 inch); and the ratio to convert centimeters to meters is: (1 m/100 cm); or more simply
0.0254 meters/ 1 inch

Using this ratio you multiply each dimension in inches (length, width, and height) by the conversion ratio. Then, you multiply each of those values together and you end up with the cubic meters.
  • (length * 0.0254) * (width * 0.0254) * (height * 0.0254) = cubic meters
Then, to find how many cubic meters an entire shipment is of multiple units, you simply take the value you found for cubic meters for one unit and multiply it by the total number of units.

I want to find how many cubic meters 500 units of an item that is 18x10x13 inches:

[18*0.0254] * [10*0.0254] * [13*0.0254]

=0.4572 * 0.254 * 0.3302

= 0.03835 * 500 unit shipment = 19.175 cubic meters

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