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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thriving Amidst The Financial Crisis

The financial crisis seems to only get worse following the recent announcement of the Fed's bailout one of the world's largest insurers, AIG. Many consumers' worries growing with this news combined with the mortgage crisis and soaring food and energy costs. Nervous about the security of their investments and feeling the pinch in their wallets, consumers are looking to save money every way they can. This of course means people are going to spend less in general. The effects of consumer demand on the market have been substantial.

That being said, there are some businesses thriving in the current economic situation. Companies offering low-cost, functional items like many as As Seen On TV products are doing quite well in this environment. People seem to be willing to spend a few extra bucks on more practical items that promise to make their lives easier and/or save them money. For example, consumers can save money on dry cleaning with a small clothes steamer, or using super-absorbent cloths that you can reuse in place of wasteful paper towels. These products tend to be in the $10-$40 price range and usually target women. Many Eco-friendly products in this price range are doing very well also.

Just how long the noteworthy successes of these companies will last is hard to predict as the costs of energy drive manufacturing costs up and thus product prices. But for now it appears those trying to save money in are still inclined to spend on practical, everyday products that they find won't break their budget.

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