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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Telemundo Expands Further Internationally

Telemundo, the #2 Spanish television network will now be allowing its viewers to access their favorite shows and to interact live with the stars on their mobile phones and over the web. The network has been offering it's content like its popular Novelas for viewing on the Internet, but it was only available in the US and those living abroad were left with just traditional television programming.

Telemundo's latest move is going to provide its viewers with the opportunity to watch their programming through numerous digital mediums such as on their mobile phones and over the Internet. This digital access will be available throughout Latin America in: Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Peru, and in Europe in Lithuania and Romania beginning this week.

This step forward will greatly expand Telemundo's viewer base and advertising reach. In the last few months the number of active viewers of Telemundo's Novelas on the web has jumped significantly to 16.2 million Hispanics. The rise in viewership has not come as a surprise, as many experts in the industry have been predicting that the role of the traditional local television station will become far less important in the future and various digital platforms including mobile phones and Internet will become the standard way in which people view their favorite shows.

Along with this expansion, Telemundo will also participate more in "branded entertainment", an integral and fast-growing part of their business, where the advertisers have a role in actual content development.

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