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Thursday, March 5, 2009

China's economic growth significant for world economy recently posted a commentary on the impact of China's economic growth on the rest of the world. It is believed that China's economic growth can help prevent the world economy from slipping deeper into recession. As China has become a key engine for economic growth, other markets, such as the USA, Germany, and Japan are all now in varying states of recession. One of te reasons China may be so successful right now is the 4-trillion-yuan (580-billion-U.S.-dollar) stimulus package that was announced in late 2008, which provides more trade opportunities for the country. China's currency, the yuan, has also been relatively stable as of late.

Although China has also been affected by the global financial crisis, their ability to hold steady has boosted confidence in other markets that we will be able to weather the storm, and that together, we can get out of this predicament and move forward.

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