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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Expand Your Business By Exporting Your Innovative Products

Exporting is a great way to open up your business to greater profits. Taking products internationally will allow you to spread your risks and reduce dependence on your local market. Various research agencies have determined that exporting companies are more profitable than their non-exporting counterparts.

So you've decided to export your product... how to begin?
  1. List your objectives and concerns.
  2. Talk with your banker and accountant about your financial plans.
  3. Discuss your objectives and concerns with an Export Adviser.
Developing a new market takes time and commitment. If you are tied into managing US sales but wish to expand, you might consider arranging for your Export Adviser to handle the intricate details of the international side of the business. It is best to identify a key export adviser and work with them to determine the best methods to proceed internationally. They know the export process and are able to make expert decisions in difficult situations. Export Advisers often have a database of international distributors ready to take on new products, which allows the Advisers to provide immediate feedback on interest levels and what challenges there may be for local approvals.

There are many people to help you on your export journey.
Submit a request to a qualified Export Adviser to begin.

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